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God is uniting the body of Christ like no other time in history. Believers from all backgrounds and denominations are coming together to give witness to the transforming power of Jesus Christ in their lives.

  • Declare God’s Truth about gender and sexuality with love and compassion

  • Strengthen and Empower believers in this generation of confusion

  • Create an atmosphere to experience God’s Amazing Love

  • Bring a life changing encounter through the grace of our Lord Jesus, the Love of God our Father and the Power of the Holy Spirit

We believe that God is going to use The Amazing Love Event to open the eyes and hearts of His people. This event is for EVERY CHRISTIAN not just those who may be struggling with issues of sexuality. We are at war in our culture, fighting against deception and we need an encounter with the Power of God to stand in His Truth with Love and Compassion so that those whom the enemy has deceived can be set FREE!

“I was extremely blessed by the Amazing Love Event and I’m so glad that I attended! I learned a lot and I believe the tools that I received will better help me minister to individuals struggling in these areas of weakness. I would like to encourage you and your team to keep pushing this message of freedom in Christ Jesus, it is greatly needed and you all do an amazing job in the way you present it! “

Daniel Cross • Executive Director


You will be strengthened by God’s Truth of Transformation & Empowered to respond with great compassion, love and truth.